I feel like a cyborg

I love searching the net. It gives me inspiration, it feeds my desire for knowledge and entertainment, it make me feel connected to people I like or with with people with whom I share similar interests.

Being able to search and check information instantly is amazing. You don't have to remember things. Because you can always check them, and they will be more to date and probably more abundant than before.

Internet grows very fast. But how fast exactly? There are some statistics about amount of users and about traffic

Lack of connection

Today I came home after work and my internet connection was gone. It still is, actually. And I feel pretty awful, I feel strugling. But suddenly I have lot's of time, but it's just a regular evening.

One of symptoms of my deprivation is a feeling of innertion. I don't know, but it pretty hard to get things done. Sitting in front of my computer, I also have troubles getting things done. I tend to miss my working out routine, cleaning house, doing actual work etc. But I don't see it in such a clear manner, because I'm so engaged in the discussions over xmpp, mailing, browsing the news, or reading another newsletter, article or documentation page. And there is more and more tabs and apps opened.

I feel pretty overhelmed sometimes. I tend to get analog for a while, but not for long. It's a routine.

And where a connection doesn't work, my routine breaks.

Inner doubts

I don't really know, what is better for me. I love the internet, I love computers, I love instant knowledge, a power that software gives me, the enterntainment. But I'm only human. My capacity is constrained. I have not so much time for everything I would like to do. And engaging things tend to break my life balance. It's like a severe addiction.

But I know, that without the internet, I wouldn't be able to do, what I do, and I wouldn't be the same person. It's hard to say, but I often feel that I and probably lots of other people are not really prepared for richness of the internet. Our poor souls. But we have to learn or cease.

It's all about tradeoffs. But hopefully I would be able to make smart decisions.


The internet changed my perception of the world. Using my computer approximately half a day (or more) changed my interaction with the world.

We should be scared with it, but embrace the advantages such as production of big data, which can give us better understanding of what we do, how we do this and why as a community or agents.