You've probably heard about Docker already, it's a hot DevOps technology that gained popularity during last two years. Last month I've organized a first Docker Meetup in 2015 in Warsaw.

I did it with a help of my great team at Syncano, the company provided office, food & drinks and all needed infrastructure.

The website for the meetup is here. Almost 60 people made RSVPs (we had to limit number of people, because we were little worried if our office can handle it).

We had two talks:

  • Docker in Everyday Development - 30 min, Justyna Ilczuk from Syncano (me ;) )
  • Introduction To Kubernetes - 45 min, Filip Grzadkawski from Google

and workshops during which we were practicing working with Docker CLI and installed docker-compose (which wasn't so easy on fedora! It started working after doing it from the virtualenv).


Workshops were mostly improvised, but turned out to be well received. I really enjoyed working with Tomasz Cholewa (coorganizer of the workshops). I have a development background and Tomek is an Ops person - combining our perspectives was an interesting experience. We've met for the first time on this workshops.

Apart from workshops, I prepared a talk about using Docker in everyday Development. I talk there a bit about reasons for doing it and then I move to tools that I recommend for creating development environments with Docker.

If you like my talk, pass it on. If you have some questions, ask them here or drop me an email.

Organizing this meetup was a great experience and I don't want to stop on one event, so if you have some interesting talk that you would like to give in Warsaw next month, contact me.