This week there were DevopsDays Warsaw in... Warsaw. During the last few months I learned something about setting up infrastructure with AWS, ansible and docker and deepening my knowledge on a conference sounded like a good idea.

What are devops days?

Devops Days is a series of conferences around the world about "devopsing", making operations faster and easier, giving power of deployment too developers, automation and more.

The conference that brings development and operations together


How was it?

There were some excellent talks there, my favourite ones:

I will definitely try zabbix at home :) and won't build bash as a service data infrastructure.

I enjoyed wide range of talks and worshops. It was very nice that everyone was very nice and open. I've met a lot of new, interesting people and had conversations with speakers too.

Organizers did a really good job with talks, food and socializing. However - WIFI failed - connection was poor and unreliable.

It was so bad, that people couldn't prepare to CHEF workshop which required downloading a few bigger files. PWJSTK definitely has to work more on it's infrastructure.

Final thoughts

It was definitely worth to go to DevOpsDays Warsaw. I'm very excited about the future of devops and really motivated to learn more about configuration management, devops and operations.

Workshop about docker inspired me to create my own talk "Intro to docker" that I'm going to give at Warsaw Hackerspace this Thursday at 20:00.