Tiny struggles

Everything is figureoutable! Let’s start afresh.

  • Home gym

    Did you lose all your strength gains due to covid-19 pandemic shutdowns? I hope not! I’ve been strength training for many years by going to the gym. However, because the covid-19 pandemic caused the gyms in Ireland to close I was forced to train at home. I believe that I managed to make a pretty nice setup for myself, where I can do the majority of the exercises I would like to do, without breaking the bank and cluttering my space.

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  • Revived

    I got too busy with a new job and living in a different country. But I love writing and I am very happy to start writing in tinystruggles.com again. What have I been up to in last couple of years? I have joined Google in Dublin, so new job, new country, new friends, new hobbies. Lot’s of changes and I got pretty absorbed by them. Since that time (late 2015) I have updated this blog literally once and in 2017.

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