Tiny struggles

Always something.


Hi there!

I’m Justyna and I like to struggle a bit. I’m passionate about software engineering, creating stuff, having adventures and being active (I’m particularly fond of rock climbing).


This blog is focused on the engineering I do in my free time and it’s not related to my work.

My interests have been changing over the years, but I’ve always loved building new things. When I do that I often learn new tech and this blog is my outlet to share those learnings - I hope you will find them useful and enjoyable to read.

Most recently I’ve been hacking in python in JavaScript mostly with django and react, however I am not afraid of any tech really.


I didn’t plan to do software for a living initially, I was on track to become a physicist instead. Well, turns out I’m better suited for engineering after all. I worked in various software houses in Poland (internships and part time and full time work) a backend as a service startup (syncano) and later (late 2015) I ended up at Google, Ireland as an SRE. I have also been pretty active in the Warsaw Hackerspace scene during 2012-2015.

In Google I’ve been working on project such as Bigtable and Cloud Bigtable and for about year and a half I’ve been a SRE TL of Cloud Bigtable - a pretty serious GCP database product that easily scales to billions of records.

In mid 2019 I changed teams to work on Persistent Disk in Google Cloud also as an SRE. I’ve worked on pretty low level infrastructure related to distributed system reliability and helped with features such as multi-writer disks. Since mid 2021 I’ve been managing Persistent Disk IO SRE team in Dublin.

You can find me on linkedin and twitter.

Recent projects


redeal.app - real estate deal analysis software with local rent tracking.

Built with django and vanilla JS, totally from scratch, running happily on digital ocean.


Blog about finance and investing


Multi-currency investing tracking built with django and react: github