Tiny struggles

Always hacking something 🧑‍🔬.


I’m passionate about building software (and not only) products. I share my journey building in public and you can follow along on twitter.

Latest obsessions


Meetup community for Indie Hackers in Dublin, Ireland:

  • monthly in person events
  • discord community


A chrome extension to curb your digital addictions while still being able to watch content in moderate amounts. My current main project.

Get it at watchlimits.com

It also has a blog!


If your investment portfolio is complicated, has assets in different currencies maybe includes crypto (with staking income or savings interest) this product might be what you need.

It will help you track your transactions and provide convenient reports.

It’s built with django and react and open source on github

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Secret Tuna Salad Recipe

Well, this one is a recipe, really. Not a software product, I swear! My family has this one amazing tuna salad recipe that I needed to share with the world. Tasty, healthy and easy to make. You can buy it from gumroad (pay your price).

Landing page coming soon!

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Real estate deal analysis software with local rent tracking.

Built with django and vanilla JS, totally from scratch, running happily on digital ocean.

Not my main focus right now, but working fine and serving its users.


Another blog that I write, but about finance and investing where I explore my obsession with finance and share my best tips and stories of past investments.

What next?

I plan to keep building cool projects and finding some market traction for them.

Eventually I would like to have a software business (or multiple) that could replace my very nice full time salary, but even replacing a fraction of it would be a great feat!

My main focus is on learning through my projects and solving some real life problems.

Check out my latest project Watchlimits
Watch time insights and limits that work for you!
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