Tiny struggles

Always hacking something 🧑‍🔬.


I got too busy with a new job and living in a different country. But I love writing and I am very happy to start writing in tinystruggles.com again.

What have I been up to in last couple of years? I have joined Google in Dublin, so new job, new country, new friends, new hobbies. Lot’s of changes and I got pretty absorbed by them.

Since that time (late 2015) I have updated this blog literally once and in 2017. I lost the habit of consistent blogging and I also focused my tech related activities around work. Obviously not working too much, I was pretty serious about maintaining my work life balance, but I was learning much more about distributed systems and databases instead of for example web development. I did work on bunch of technical side projects, but with Google’s copyright, etc. I felt reluctant to make any of it public.

At the end of 2019 I considered learning more about game dev and got myself a pretty powerful laptop. Nice lenovo thinkpad with a graphic card, bells and whistles. It was a nice upgrade from my at that time very old personal laptop and somehow encouraged me to start many more non-work related side projects. I also quickly decided that game dev is not my thing, but I entered 2020 enthusiastic about doing some indie-hacking. Was very productive for me when it comes to side projects, there was much less travel due to the pandemic and I finally got a really nice work from home setup.

I haven’t shared anything about them on this blog though, because I lost a good way to update it. Due to the fact that the blog was effectively abandoned (and not properly backed up!) and was using some obscure static site generation tech, I couldn’t simply pick it up and add to it. I had to actually revive it. Also, the server I was hosting it on really didn’t enjoy the update from ubuntu 14 to ubuntu 20 and broke terribly. The static site generator got migrated to python3 and was somehow also not working. It just became a terrible mess. I could maybe escape it, but it would surely take a lot of time and I wasn’t feeling like it. I just set up a new server and new blog setup to give myself a fresh start. The old posts are still accessible through here.

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